Election analysis

Social media has become a key actor in our public sphere, as we became painfully aware of during the US elections in 2016 and the BREXIT vote more recently. In the age of ‘fake news’ and the ‘filter bubble’, there is a need for more transparency and accountability concerning personalization algorithms, in both the operation of social media platforms and the marketing activities of political organisations. 

At the University of Amsterdam, thanks to a Proof of Concept grant by the European Research Council, we are working towards developing an online browser extension that allows us to explore the functioning of personalization algorithms on social media. With the upcoming European elections, we think an election analysis of both the spread and functioning of political content on Facebook might be of interest to many organisations. 

We are currently developing election analytics as a service with news media in mind, and your opinion is of major importance to us in our development process.

If you are interested in our services, please reach out to Stefania Milan over